PE Expert B course

Japanese Institute for Public Engagement

PE Expert B course Objectives and Goals

The management of patient groups and civic activity groups requires not only basic knowledge about medicine and drug development, but also competency (applied knowledge, skills, and basic attitude and behavior) to exercise leadership in various aspects. If each person who makes up an organization is able to exercise leadership, it will be a great strength.
In this course of study, we will specifically focus on

Raising health awareness (health literacy) in society as a whole
Development of effective learning tools and documentation models
Acquire organizational management skills (goal setting, organization building, human resource development, public relations, budget management, etc.)

In the workshop format, participants will develop leadership skills through theory, simulation based on case studies, and discussion with those who have experienced the program.
Participants will bring their own issues to be addressed, and by considering and implementing specific initiatives throughout the course, the goal is to develop a fulfilling direction for the participants and their organizations by the end of the course.

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